SEO, Content & Copywriting

The best digital content builds an engaged audience, then persuades them to convert into customers.


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is our way to show Google that your website provides the answers that people in your target audience are searching for, and that your content delivers those answers in the most high-quality way.

The internet is a competitive place – with 5.6 billion Google searches every day, that’s 5.6 billion opportunities to be ranked in the first position! Of course, we don’t want to appear top of the list for all of them, so I’ll identify which search terms are best to target, and put together a plan to get you there.

Some SEO techniques are of a lower quality, and are generally designed to ‘trick’ Google into ranking you higher. These kinds of tactics never have a happy ending, which is why I only practice quality SEO techniques which are tried and tested.

By optimising the content on your website, as well as getting you positive coverage via reviews and social shares, we can help you to be seen by the right people, searching for the right terms.

Bring value to your audience with content Marketing

Compelling content is more than pretty pictures – it’s creating an emotive response. From photography and video to blogging and advertising, there’s a reason why content is considered the king of digital marketing. 

My broad marketing experience means that I can create content that works for your business, driving a clear action from your consumers. 

Engage and persuade with clever copywriting

I provide Google-friendly copywriting services for all channels, such as websites, blogs, brochures and email campaigns. 

I’ll get to know your audience, your brand and your tone-of-voice (or create one, if needed), and deliver persuasive, engaging copy which forms a key part of your marketing activity. 

Whether it’s creating content that gets you noticed by Google, or putting together some short and snappy sales copy to add to your product descriptions, I’ll do my research and write copy that moves people to act.

All digital copy will be written with SEO in mind, helping you to reach a wider online audience. 

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